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Arrive in Venice in style on the Orient Express

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As a vehicle of mass long-distance transit, the train may hail from a bygone era, but enthusiasts are quick to sing its praises as an elegant and refined way to travel.

The heyday of train travel heralded a host of luxurious and decadent trains worldwide offering first-class cross-country travel to the rich and famous. A select few of these survive, converted into the land equivalent of cruise ships, taking their time to traverse continents whilst their passengers take in the scenery and arrive at a new and exciting destination for exploration every day.


Enjoy your journey

When it comes to taking things slowly and not missing the fine details, vacationing by train provides the opportunity to experience a much richer and absorbing introduction to the many sights and sounds that your journey encompasses, all the while traveling in unparalleled luxury with your every need taken care of.

For the romantics among you the thought of a long trip by train will conjure images of black-and-white movies and debonair 1930s film stars dressed to the nines for dinner and always ready with a conversational quip. While there are many railways that hold a special place in peoples’ hearts, none has the cachet of the Orient Express.


Perfect for Venice

In many ways, the Orient Express is the perfect way to arrive in Venice. Steeped in history, synonymous with opulence and laden with unique traits, the city and the train have much in common.

The original Orient Express was operated by Compagnie Internale des Wagons-Lits as a commercial passenger service that operated from 1883 to 2009. The Venice-Simplon Orient Express continues this tradition with the same rolling stock, operating to eight major destinations in Europe during the summer months.

Train enthusiast James B. Sherwood spent $16m purchasing and restoring 35 vintage carriages to their pre-war glory and the line reopened to adoring fans in 1982.


The greatest train of them all

This train is the holy grail of rail transports for enthusiasts, having made its way into the public consciousness via countless appearances in well-known films and pieces of literature.

The Orient Express’s reputation as the height of rail luxury is well earned, offering its passengers a taste of opulence from bygone eras that are hard to obtain elsewhere. Such luxury is aimed at those wishing to experience a taste of the classic era of rail transportation and the Venice-Simplon Orient Express is noted for its high levels of dining and onboard accommodation.


Your journey to Venice

The nine-day journey commences in Paris with a two-day stay providing ample time to explore this vibrant and beautiful city before heading for the Alps and then to Italy for a stop in magnificent Milan.

As one of Europe’s most beautiful cultural cities, Milan holds countless attractions, boasting stunning architecture, shopping and the finest of dining.

Finally you arrive at your final destination, the timelessly romantic city of Venice where passengers will be able to explore the best of this incredible city. 

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