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Venice attractions


As opposed to many of its European peers, Venice is unsurprisingly difficult to get around. Without cars in the main tourist part of the city, you will be traveling by foot, by water taxi or by gondolier. This makes the value of a hostel unusually dependent on location. Venice is an expensive city, but there are a few options that will put you where you want to be without burning a hole in your pocket.

A Venice Fish is perhaps the most removed of all the best options available, but for those who don't mind blazing their own trails through a new city, it might just be the perfect place. The hostel offers beds in mixed dorms for $36. Included in this price is a free dinner every night, a great opportunity to save some precious cash in the expensive city while meeting fellow adventurers. With your newly made friends, you will be given the chance to go out with the staff to learn about the best Venetian nightlife from the experienced, a valuable option for those unfamiliar with one of Europe's most difficult cities to walk. While A Venice Fish is not located in the tourist center of the city and is a long walk away from Il Campenile and Piazza San Marco , there are plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes to satisfy the romantic traveler.

For a more centrally located stay, try Casa Linger Hostel, just minutes away from Piazza San Marco where you can get a room for about $40. You will get Venetian furnished rooms to use as your hub as you explore the waterways of the world's most unique city. The staff is friendly and helpful and will direct you throughout the city. The hostel has had some complaints for its cleanliness, so unless a great location is what you are looking for, it might be prudent to try a place that is a bit more removed from the city center.

To book backpacker accommodation in Venice try the 2 search boxes below, compare the results from each one to find the best deals. To view a list of whats available check Venice hostels or have a look at World hostels to see a huge selection of backpacker accommodation around the globe.


Venice has a number of backpackers and hostels which are very good value. Please use the search engine to locate and book. Only part payment is made!



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