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Venice Churches and Cathedrals

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Like most of Italy, churches are impressive landmarks in the towns and cities and Venice is no exception. Not only are they places of worship but they have become impressive art galleries and museums due to the the high quality art and decorations of their interiors and exteriors. Venice churches are especially impressive as often the art work has been created by world famous artists.

Most churches are open for display but they stick to strict opening hours and are not open for touring when a service is on. Some churches charge a fee to enter and others are free to wander around, there is usually notification of entry costs at the front door.

Venice Churches and Cathedrals

A lot of churches in Venice have a dress code and it is enforced, especially if there is a sign out the front stipulating the correct attire for entry. Anyone wearing shorts, short skirts, singlet tops where shoulders are shown, or the midriff showing will not be allowed entry.

If you are out sightseeing for the day in Venice there is strong possibility that you will see a church that you would like to enter, so make sure you have dressed according to the dress code. For females it is a good tip to have a light cardigan in your bag to cover up just in case you see a church you would like to enter.

Basilica di San Marco
Known as St Marks, this 'Church of Gold' is located on Piazza San Marco. Finished in 1094 and houses the icon of the Madonna of Nicopeia. Golden mosaics line the ceiling. The Byzantine influence is evident in the facade and domes.It houses the remains of St Mark, the cities Patron Saint. (041 522 5205)

Campanile di San Marco
In 1902, this bell tower dramatically collapsed it has since been rebuilt and is the tallest bell tower in Venice . Piazza San Marco, Venice (041 522 4064)

Chiesa di San Moise
Built in the 8th century rebuilt in 1632. San Marco, (Campo San Moise), Venice (041 528 5840).

Giorgio Maggiore
The only building on the San Giorgio Maggiore island and built in 1566 by Palladio. The façade with columns on high plinths was not built by Palladio but is based on his ideas. It faces the Baciona di San Marco. Isola di S. Giorgio Maggiore , Venice (041 528 9900).

Madonna dell'Orto
Famous for it's miracle statue of the Virgin Mary, this 14th century church is mainly Gothic. Campo della Madonna dell'Orto, Cannaregio

Pala d'Oro e Tesoro
Famous for the 14th century Golden Altar Piece. Piazza San Marco, Venice (041 522 5205)

S. Donato – Murano
A 12th century church. Isola di Murano Venice (041 739 056).

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari
This gothic church has an imposing facade and houses an art collection for the periods 14th and the 18th century.The cities archives and history volumes are housed in the convent and oratory house here. San Polo 3072 (041 522 2637).

Santissimi Giovanni e Paolo
This church is huge in size, grandeur and history. It was founded by the Dominicans in 1430, and highlights are it's beautiful stain glassed windows and paintings by Paolo Veronese. Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, 6363 - Cannaregio, Venice (041 523 5913).

San Giacomo di Rialto
The oldest church in Venice located at the centre of San Polo.

Santa Maria Della Salute
This church was built by Longhena to honour the Virgin Mary, and is one of Venice's most outstanding buildings.The interior is flodding with light and colour, using light from the windows in the dome and walls. Campo della Salute, Dorsodura (041 522 5558).

San Pietro di Castello
This impressive cathedral has been in Venice since 775, and is famous for it's leaning bell tower. Isola di San Pietro, Castello

SS. Redentore
Designed by A Palladio in 1570 to mark the passing of the plague.It's stunning facade attracts many sightseers.Campo del SS Redentore, Giudecca, Venice (0415 231 415).

Santo Stefano
Built by the Hermits in the 13th century, and famous for it's beautiful timber ceilings. Campo Santo Stefano, Venice (041 522 2362).

San Zaccaria
This Gothic church is located behind St Marks, and is filled with impressive works of religous art. Campo San Zaccaria, Castello (041 522 1257).

Venice Attractions
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