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Business Hours
Office hours tend to be 8.30am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. Other business and shop hours are often 8.30am to 1.30pm and then open again from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Some shops open on Saturday and Sundays but, not all. Bank hours tend to be the same as shop hours, with some opening on Saturday mornings as well.\

Venice can experience high humidity at the height of Summer, mainly in July and August, with Summer temperatures ranging between 30-35 degrees Celsius. Winter on the other hand can get quite cold with those temperatures ranging from 0-3 degrees Celsius. The rainy season tends to be Spring and Autumn, and there can be severe thunderstorms and heavy rain in these periods. April to October tends to be the busiest time in Venice, due to the milder and warmer temperatures during these times.

Currency and Money Handling
The currency in Venice is the Euro. Banks are usually the best money exchangers and offer the best rates, you can also try post offices, the Bureau de change commissions can often be the more expensive.Travellers schedules are accepted for exchange at banks and exchange centres. Visa and Mastercard are the most accepted credit cards in Venice but, be aware a lot of smaller hotels and restaurants will not offer credit card services.

In an emergency in Venice, dial these numbers
Ambulance 118
Police 113
Fire 115

There is always plenty of bottled water to purchase in Venice but, the tap water is fine and safe to drink. Food preparation is usually hygienic. The listed hospitals below have 24 hour emergency departments and are staffed with english speaking doctors.
Ospedale Civile Santa Giovanni e Paolo, Castello (041 529 4111).
Ospedale Umberto, Mestre (041 260 7111).

Jan 1 New Years Day
Jan 6 Epiphany
Mar/April Good Friday
Mar/April Easter Monday
April 25 Liberation Day
May 1 Labour Day
Aug 15 Feast of Assumption
Nov 1 All Saints Day
Dec 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Dec 25 Christmas Day
Dec 26 Boxing Day

Italian and English are spoken in Venice, and some older Venetians speak Vennessian, their own dialect. Italian words are easier to pick up as they share the same Latin roots as English. However , mostly Italian is spoken in Venice and the Ventians are not at all interested in listening to English. It is a good idea to know some Italian however, they probably still won't accept your version. Carry a small phrase book with you, it will help to decipher menus and allow you to understand some of the words that come very quickly out of Italian mouths. Pointing to what you want on the menu works and sign language can be effective as well, for instance writing on your hand always means bill please.
Most Italians would rather the english speaking tourists make some effort with the language and seem to really appreciate it when you do. So try to use Buongiorno and Ciao when saying hello, Arrivederci for goodbye, and Grazie for thank you.

Post Office
The main Post Office is located on Salizzada Fondaca dei Tedeschi, San Marco (041 271 7111). It is opened Monday to Saturday.

There are public telephone booths in Venice, they are orange in colour and accept coins or phone cards. These cards for local and international calls can be purchased from post offices, news stands or tabacchi (tobacconists). For mobile phones the GSM standard mobile can be used in Venice.
Some useful numbers are:
Local Directory 12
International Directory 176
International Operator 170
International Access Code 00

There are plenty of clean public restrooms, that do charge a fee. Look for the
WC Toilette' signs.

Visitor Information
Tourist information can be found at Azienda did Promozione Turistica, in San Marco,(041 529 8711). In peak season they are open 9am to 5pm and at other times, 9.30am to 3.30pm. Another smaller tourist centre is located at Venice's main airport and is open 9.30am to 7.30pm.

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