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If you like walking, then you will love Venice, as walking is the main form of transport. Don't worry too much about getting lost, as Venice is like an Island, and a good map will guide you around. Cars and buses are not welcome in Venice, so the only wheels you are likely to see are those attached to bicycles.

However, there is a bus service, or better known as a water bus. Several Vaporetto lines run along the Grand Canal, they are a cheap effective form of transport. These water buses stop at all major centres including St Mark's, Accademia, Rialto, Ferrovia and Piazzale Roma.

The most popular Vaporettos to look for are numbers 1 and 82, as they travel up and down every 15minutes from early morning to midnight. For day trippers or overnight visitors it is economical to purchase a 24 hour Grand Canal ticket, that can be used for all trips, or for a longer stay look for the 72 hour ticket.

All tickets need to be prepurchased and validated prior to travelling. It is easy to spot a Vaporetto stop, they are modern glass and steel shelters with yellow signs.

Vaporettos will transport you to other places and islands further afield, just check the maps at each stop.Tickets can be purchased at Vela outlets, tabacchi (tobacconists) and edicole (newsstands)(041 24 24).

These gondola style ferries are great for getting from one side of the Grand Canal to the other when there are no bridges in sight. The Grand Canal offers only three bridges to be crossed by foot, so this mode of transport can come in handy. They stop under the signs 'Calle Del Traghetti', the fare is cheap and can be made directly to the gondolier.

Water Taxi
This is an expensive way to travel on the Grand Canal. They have a set flagfall and charge per minute of travel as well has having extra surcharges for phone bookings.(041 240 6711).

venice water taxi

If you want to enjoy all the romance and magic of Venice, a gondola ride is a must..however, an expensive one, and should be done as a treat, solely to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The best time to ride a gondola is late afternoon, just before sunset, as it is very congested during the day and you will not be able to travel as far for your money. Look for the 'Servizio Gondole' signs, mostly near the bridges on the Grand Canal and off Piazza San Marco.

And yes it is true, you may be serenaded by the original venetian gondoliers. Usually up to six passengers can be transported at once, there are differing set fares, but some have been known to be bargained down.The trip lasts for fifty minutes and cash is the only currency accepted on gondolas. You can take your own drink on board if you wish but, plastic drinkware is advisable as it can get a little choppy. Ente Gondola(041 528 5075).

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