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Venice historic buildings

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Ca' D'Oro
A 15 th Century houses the Galleria Franchetti a collection of bronzes and paintings. Calle di Ca'd'Oro, Cannaregio (041 523 8790).

Chiesa del SS. Redentore
Designed by A Palladio in 1570. Giudecca, 195 , Venice , Italy 0415231415

Chiesa di S. Giorgio Maggiore
The only building on the San Giorgio Maggiore island and built in 1566 by Palladio. The façade with columns on high plinths was not built by Palladio but is based on his ideas. It faces the Baciona di San Marco. Isola di S. Giorgio Maggiore , Venice (041 5289900). |

Chiesa di S. Stefano
Built by the Hermits in the 13th century. Campo S. Stefano, 3825, Venice (041 5222362).

Venice historic buildings

Chiesa di San Moise
Built in the 8th century rebuilt in 1632. San Marco, (Campo San Moise), Venice (041 5285840).

Palazzo Ducale
The palace dates from the ninth century and home to the doge and government departments. Noted for the two Gothic facades in white Istrian stone and pink marble.

Palazzo Cini
The former residence of Vittorio Cini now housing an art collection. Dorsoduro, 864 , (S. Vio, Accademia), Venice (041 5210755).

Palazzo Labia - Salone del Tiepolo
Built in the 17th century having three facades. S. Geremia, Cannaregio, Venice (041 524 28 12)

Ponte dei Sospiri ( Bridge of Sighs )
The name of the bridge is due to the “sighing” of the prisoners looking at freedom from the water. Over the bridge are the Pozzi where the prisoners were held.

Rialto Bridge
The bridge was completed in 1591 and linked Rialto with San Marco.

San Giovanni Crisostomo
Built by M. Codus Cannaregio. Salizada San Giovanni Crisostomo, Venice (041 5227155).

Scuola Grande di San Rocco
Over 50 works by Tintoretto are displayed here. The exterior is an elaborate façade designed by Antonio Scappagnino dominated by white marble columns. Campo San Rocco, Dorsoduro 3052 (041 523 4864).


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