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Museo Civico Correr
This museum is a study and display of Venetian paintings from the 14th to 16th Centuries. Some famous masterpieces are located here, such as Madonna and Child, Crucifixion and Pieta. Other artefacts relating to art can be found here. Procuratie Nuove, Piazza San Marco (041 240 5211).

Museo Civico di Storia Naturale
Known as the Natural History Museum and is devoted to the natural sciences with fossils, minerals, dinosaur skeleton and a botanic collection.A highlight is the aquarium, featuring Venetian coastal specimens.Salizzada del Fondaco dei Turchi, Santa Croce, Venice (041 275 0206).

Museo Communita Ebraica
Known as the Jewish Museum, it house artifacts relating to the Jewish history of Venice. Tours to the five Synagogues in Venice depart from here. Campo di Ghetto, Nuovo, (041 715 359)

Venice Museums

Museo della Fondazoine Querini Stampalia
Residence of the Querini-Stampalia family, this mansion displays furniture and art collected by the family. It gives an intersesting insight into Venetian life. Ponte Querini, Castello, Venice (041 271 1411).

Museo del Settecento Venezian
This mansion built in 1750, houses some original 18th cenutry furniture pieces and artwork. A highlight is the Salone da Ballo (ballroom), which is beautifully furnished and has views of the Grand Canal. Fondamenta Rezzonico, Dorsoduro (041 241 0100).

Museo Dipinti Sacri Bizantini - Istituto Ellenico
A collection of Byzantine icons from Greece and Venice. There is a large collection of religous artifacts dating back to the life of Jesus and Ventian Saints. Castello, 3412, Venice (041 522 6581).

Museo Orientale
Located on the top floor of the Modern Art Museum , this display covers oriental history and culture in the 17th and 18th centuries. The exhibits include Chinese porcelain, costumes, artwork and armory.Ca Pesareo, San Stae, Venice (041 524 1173).

Museo Storico Navale
This former grain silo covers four floors displaying the maritime history of Venice and Italy.There are barges, battleships and gondolas on display here. Fondamenta dell' Arsenale, Castello, Venice (041 520 0276).

Museo Vetrario – Murano
Glass, chandeliers, vases, glasses and mirrors are all displayed here in granduer, you can also see glass blowing and purchase some treasures. Giustinian 8, (Settore Vetro antico, Fondamenta), Venice (041 739 586).

Telcom Future Centre
A contrast to most Venice museums and looks forward to how we will be communicating in the future. Campo San Salvador , San Marco 4826 (041 521 3200).

Venice Attractions

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