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Venice attractions

Grand Canal
Without doubt one of the most fascinating, romantic main streets in the world.It snakes along for 3.5km and has more than 100 palazzi lining it. One of the busiest waterways, it is full of colour and excitement.

Six Quarters
Venice is divided into six districts:

This is the first of the six districts, it is the gateway to Venice and is the most populated with Venetian residents. The Santa Lucia Railway Station can be found here as well as the famous Jewish Ghetto.

San Marco
The city centre of Venice, and at the centre of that is Piazza San Marco, commonly known as St Marks Square. San Marco is a haven for tourists to Venice, especially the central square, Piazza San Marco, where the Basilica di San Marco dominates.

Found to the east, Castello is the largest district. Some of the fanciest hotels in Venice can be found here. A walk along the classy Riva degli Schiavoni is a must here, as it is bordered by the Grand Canal and is one of Venice's favourite promenades.

This is the more quieter and quaint district of Venice. It is the least populated and is full of old homes and churches. Due to it being home to the university it comes alive at night with funky bars and trendy cafes, and is a popular spot for young people.

San Polo
This district is known most for the very popular Rialto Markets, and is the centre for business, banking and shopping. San Polo is the smallest district and at it's heart is the oldest church in Venice, San Giacomo di Rialto. To get here you need to cross the Grand Canal at the Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge).

Santa Croce
This is the most industrialized of the districts, and is on the opposite side of the Grand Canal. Not invaded by as many tourists but, it does have some some lovely palazzi.

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