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A small village known for the lace it produces. The houses are brightly coloured to make it easy for the fishermen returning from the sea at the end of the day to spot their house. The most enjoyable, and cheapest, way to get to Burano is to catch the No.52 vaporetto from Riva degli Schiavoni.

In 1516 all Jews were forced to live in one area the Getto Novo which was surrounded by water. The ghetto was cramped and forced the Jews to build upwards and led to some of the first sky scrapers some being 7 floors.Now there is a Jewish Musuem here and three Synagogues.Campo di Ghetto, Nuovo.

Grand Canal
Venice's famous main street, is one the busiest canals in the world. It snakes along 3.5kms and is lined by some of the most historical and beautiful architecture, with no less than 100 Palazzi standing guard over this waterway.

Venice places

This is the best place to go to escape Venice's Summer heat, it has a resort feel, with many hotels, street cafes and promenades. You can catch a ferry and spend the day on the beach. There are pay beaches here or free beaches further out .These beaches are safe and good for family play and swimming. Vaporettos (numbers 1,52 or 82) travel backwards and forwards most of the day, it is and enjoyable 15min trip from the Vaporetto stop near Doge's Palace.

Most of the glass and crystal making that Venice is famous for goes on at Murano.There is a crystal museum here called Museo Vetrario that displays some beautiful glass pieces. Most tourists get to see some glass blowing displays at at least one of the factories and the showrooms are full of glass ware and crystal that is for sale. Be sure to do some bargaining as the price tags are always negotiable. A couple of hours in Murano is plenty for sightseeing however, if you like the idea of dining in a less rushed atmosphere than downtown Venice there are some good restaurants and cafes here as well. Once again the best transport to Murano is the Vaporetto (numbers 5 or 13) from Riva degli Schiavoni.

Parco Savorgnan
There are not many parks in Venice, so this is a good one to visit hidden away in the city. There is a playground, trees to sit under and picnic areas. Fondamenta Savorgnan, Cannaregio (041 521 7011).

Piazza San Marco
St. Mark's Square is a major draw card for visitors to Venice . On the piazza is the Basilica di San Marco, the Campanile a tower which good views, the Torro dell'Orologio, the Palazzo Ducale and more. However, be prepared for crowds and not just the human variety, the pigeons like to mingle with the tourists and they are not camera shy. The line up at St Marks seems to go on forever, especially at peak tourist times. St Marks Square is lined with restaurants but beware, the prices charged to sit at the little white table clothed tables are extremely exorbitant. However, they often provide music and can be a nice place to sit and enjoy a wine or coffee if you don't mind paying extra.

A contrast to the other parts of Venice an island with monuments and older buildings many of which date to the period 7 – 13th Century. Venice's first cathedral the Cattedral di Santa Maria Assunta was built on the island in the 7th Century.


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