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Venice attractions
Venice has many restaurants. Specialties include polenta, made of corn meal; risotto with cuttlefish ink sauce. The black ink works as a sauce and ingredient for polenta (corn meal), risotto (rice), and pasta; "nella seppia" (in cuttlefish), "alla seppia" (in the style of cuttlefish), or "nero di seppia," (black of the cuttlefish). Upmarket restaurants are at Campo di Santa Margarita in San Polo.

It's not easy to find other cuisine than Italian style fare in Venice, however, there are a few good examples of international dining and of course some exceptional Italian restaurants.
Listed below are a selection of different styles of dining to suit most tastes and budgets.

Venice restaurants

Budget Venice restaurants

Cantina do Mori, Wine Bar
Dating back from 1462, there's no other more popular market place with the locals. If you don't mind standing, there's a heavenly treat tempting your palate – cheeses, tuna and sliced meats, tasty cichetti (entrees) and a short list of first courses, such as fried artichoke hearts. San Polo 429, 041-522-5401

Ai Tre Spiedi, Italian
A small and elegant trattoria, serving the best spaghetti al pesto in Liguria , in a friendly and casual atmosphere. The real signature of the house is the fresh-fish cooked in the authentic Venetian style. Cannaregio 5906, 041-520-8035

Vino Vino, Wine Bar
Impressing with an excellent selection of European and local wines, when it comes about food, you'll be charmed with simple but delicious Venetian dishes, cooked in the shared kitchen of an expensive restaurant nearby. Comprehensive cichetti bar and leisurely wine tasting. San Marco 2007, 041-241-7688

Ae Oche, Pizza
Classic American-style decorations, with Coca-Cola signs, it's actually the pizza (more than 80 varieties, including the pizza bianca with no red-sauce) that you'll be served in this place. A tempting 20 items beer list will add a friendly feeling to Ae Oche. Consider it as a nice stop for a quick lunch while visiting the city. Santa Croce 1552, 041-52-41-161

Mid-range Venice restaurants

Trattoria alla Rivetta, Seafood
You'll be welcomed from the beginning with a tempting show of different fishes in the window – a real promise of genuine Venetian cuisine. The place is popular with the gondoliers, the guarantee of a good meal for a nice price. Castello 4625, 041-528-7302

Le Bistrot de Venise, Venetian, French
In a very romantic atmosphere, facing the San Marco Square , you will dine next to young artists and assist to poetry readings, live music and art exhibits. The menu items are perfectly mixing with the atmosphere – unique old French and Venetian recipes illustrating the 15 th century cooking style. San Marco 4687, 041-523-6651

Osteria alle Testiere, Italian
Very small and cozy, this place spoils you with a sensational cheese platter (a rarity in Venice ), accompanied with a glass of wine from the careful 90 labels selection. The food is a superb ode to the mouth-watering Italian flavors. Castello 5801, 041/522-7220

Ristorante Corte Sconta, Seafood
Highlighting the exceptional freshness of the seafood, this place is the well-kept secret of the local artists and writers. The menu offers only seafood dishes, and you might be tempted by the house masterpiece frittura mista all'Adriatico (fried Adriatic mix seafood). Calle del Pestrin 3886, 041-522-7024

Splurge in Venice

Quadri, International
A perfect spot for the honeymooners – candlelight, romantic view over San Marco Square , Andrea Bocelli ballads and a single red rose on the table. The atmosphere compensates the simple menu. Aftre your meal, relax with a flavored coffee at the elegant café upstairs. Piazza San Marco 120, 041-522-2105, 041-528-9299

Al Bacco, Italian
Well hidden close to the Ghetto area, each of your searching efforts will sure worth after discovering this classic Venetian oasis' charming atmosphere, excellent service and superb menu. Don't forget to ask for your bigoli in salsa, an old recipe of pasta with anchovy sauce. Intimate alfresco dining in the cozy garden. Fondamenta Capuzine, Cannaregio 3054, 041/717493

A la Vecia Cavana
Traditional Venetian Seafood. Rio Terra dei SS Apostoli, Cannaregio(041 528 7106).

Ristorante La Bitta
Meat dishes and good steaks. Calle Lunga San Barnaba, Dorsoduro (041 523 0531).

Harry's Bar
Upmarket, with a famous clientele, offering many Venetian specialities.Calle Vallaresso, San Marco (041 528 5777).
Osteria San Marco
Modern Italian dining. Frezzeria, San Marco (041 528 5242).

Trattoria al Vecio Canton
Good Italian Pizza. Ruga Giuffa, Castello (041 528 5176).

Caffe Florian
Magnificent setting,live orchestral music, expensive food and drinks. Piazza San Marco (041 520 5641).

Osteria Vivaldi
Cozy restaurant and wine bar. San Polo (041 523 8185).

Trattoria da Giani
Affordable Italian. Lista di Spagna, Cannaregio

Trattoria da Remigio
Straightforward Italian classic dishes. Calle Bosello, Castello (041 523 0089).

Gam Gam
Kosher with Middle Eastern fare. Calle del Ghetto Vecchio, (041 523 1495).

Middle Eastern Cuisine. Fondamenta della Misericordia (041 721 077).


Venice's one and only opportunity to eat Japanese. Lista di Spagna (041 528 5281).

Ganesh Ji

Great if you fancy a curry.Fondamenta Rio Marin (041 719 084).

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