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If time affords you some relief from the churches, canals and wonderful architecture, shopping in Venice can be very satisfying and a perfect opportunity to purchase something very original. Murano glass is known worldwide for it's exquisite quality, Burano Lace is second to none, and the original masks of carnivale are only associated with Venice.

If it's clothes, shoes and accessories you crave there are not many better than the Italian designers. Venice has plenty of designer boutiques as well as trendy cheaper lines. The best area for shopping are the cobblestone streets between Piazza San Marco and the Rialto.

Venice shopping

Carnivale Masks
You will find these masks on every street corner and market stall, however it's the quality that differs greatly. Some masks are so ornate and exceptionally handcrafted that they are collectors items and come with an accompanying price tag. However you can find your own handmade original to take home as a treasured keepsake of Venice at a reasonable price.

Mondonovo have traditional and contemporay masks that are of original designs and beautifuly crafted, Rio Terra Canal, Dorsoduro (041 528 7344).

Ca' Macana allows you to watch the artists at work creating masks, Calle delle Botteghe, Dorsoduro (041 520 3229).

produces top quality original masks, Calle dei Cristi, San Polo (041 716 591).

is a large operation that can cater for parties during Carnevale and is great for browsing, Calle Nomboli, San Polo (041 721 102).

A trip to Murano is a must for seeing the workshops and displays however, there are hundreds of shops dotted all around Venice selling Venetian glassware. Remember that all the glassware you see in the shops isn't always made in Venice and the prices will reflect this, but there is still plenty to appease all tastes and budgets.

Barovier & Toso
has top class designs at top class prices, Fondamenta dei Vetrai 28, Murano.

features brightly colored designs, Campo San Moise, San Marco (041 523 1973).

Marco Polo
is a large operation that supplies glassware worldwide, you can even find a glasswork's musuem here, Fondamenta Manin 1, Murano (041 739 904).

Galleria Marina Barovier
is famous throughout Italy and the world for it's modern glass sculptures and original designs, Salizzada San Samuele, San Marco (041 523 6748).

Just as it is with Venetian glassware, the lace products in Venice can be of varying degrees of quality and prices, and not all is handmade in Venice, once again you will get what you pay for. Handmade lace from Burano comes at a price but the original handmade designs can often become treasured family heirlooms.

has the best quality handmade and machine made Venetian designs, Mercerie del Capitello, San Marco (041 520 6177).

Scoula di Merletti di Burano is a lace school where you can also purchase the products that have been made in the workshop, San Martino Destra, Burano (041 730 034 ).

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