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Venice is on a short list of one of the romantic cities in the world and one of the top destinations in Italy. The unique cityscape with ancient buildings set on the canals is quite a refreshing change from many of the other large cities in Europe. The food, art and the many unique sites spread throughout the city make this place a particularly intriguing location to get out and explore and there is so much to see that you should plan your time here wisely.

What could possibly be more of a dream than to experience Venice the way it is supposed to be seen? Row Venice offers just this opportunity, giving travelers the chance to hop aboard and row their way around the canals of this gorgeous, historic city.


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The Palazzo Ducale is a very well preserved architectural gem in Venice that is situated right in St. Mark's Square making seeing this site and other nearby attractions a breeze. For a cheap ticket you are able to enter this attraction and a few others nearby and this place itself is worth the price of admission. The outside of the building boasts an intimidating stature and upon entering you will be amazed by the attention to detail and the beautiful paintings in the walls that were completed by top Italian artists.

How about taking a trip back to 15 th century Italy and enjoying to wonderfully authentic culinary offerings that have become so famous throughout the world. Maria's Cookery Course enables you to do just that and this is an unforgettable group activity that will surely please your taste buds. Wine tasting tours are also available, offering some spectacular local Italian wines and education travelers on the wine making process, a trade that is extremely popular throughout the region. This is a seasonal business however running March through June and September through October, so do plan on coming during these months if you are set on taking these courses.

The Musica a Palazzo is the Opera in Venice and there are 3 different shows to choose from running 7 nights a week giving travelers ample opportunity to come in and enjoy some great musical offerings. After a day out and about in the city this is a wonderful way to come relax and unwind while letting your ears be pleased by the sweet sounds of the talented Venetian musicians.

La Laguna is a large body of water near Venice on which there are many interesting islands that are ripe for exploration. While there is so much to see within Venice, taking a day to explore La Laguna is a nice change of pace. On the island of Murano many tourists show up to see the art of glass blowing up close and in person. Burano and Torcello are the other popular islands which are constantly being toured and it is nice to see the coastal area of Venice that is not shown in the movies to get a feel for the islands just off the coast of this unique city.

No Trip to Venice is complete without a thorough exploration of the Campanile di San Marco. This interesting tower was originally built as a lighthouse however was eventually converted into a bell tower. From the top of the tower you are able to see stunning views of the city and the surrounding area and getting to the top is just a short elevator ride away. Keep in mind that space is limited and during the summer months this place can get busy quickly so try and get here as early as possible.

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