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It is estimated that this city is visited by more than 50,000 visitors who need Venice tourist information every single day. It's voted as one of the most beautiful places in the world which could have something to do with the city's rustic charm as little has changed in nearly 600 years.

Transportation tourist information for Venice can seem extremely overwhelming because the city is massive but if you understand the boroughs, it gets a little easier. This is especially true with the famous area that boasts 118 islands. Venice is the only pedestrian city in the world so there are not cars honking or polluting your space which makes this city even more enjoyable.

Of course, most people looking for transportation tourist information are solely interested in the water taxis and water buses that add to the wonderful experience the city offers. If you are after a romantic time, take a gondola ride.

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Are you in need of tourist information so you know what to pack? Venice enjoys a humid subtropical climate with very warm summers and cool winters. Summers average 27°C while winter temperatures rarely fall below 5.8°C during the day. Precipitation is consistent year-round with November being the wettest month and the sun shines an average of 2037 hours per year, especially in the summer! Mosquito repellent is recommended in the summer if taking water transportation.

Venice is very safe. There are problems with pickpockets during busy hours at tourist attractions but that's about it. It is required that you keep your receipts for all purchases. Police do have the right to see them and may ask. If you need the police dial 112 or 113 or call 118 for an ambulance. It should be noted that touching the water is not recommended, even if you just want to dip your feet to cool off. Many buildings are seeing upgrades with added septic tanks but there is still a substantial amount of untreated sewage that goes into the canals.

If you are seeking tourist information because you are concerned with language barriers, don't be. Although Venetian is the primary language, this city caters to English-speaking tourists. Many people assume that Italian is the primary language, it's very close but rather a variation with its own syntax, lexicon and morphology.

Tourist information regarding currency can be a debated topic. Venice uses the euro however, some places do accept US dollars and pounds sterling but it is frowned upon. If you pay with this currency you are always going to get a horrible exchange rate which causes problems. This is just not recommended. ATM machines are everywhere with the Plus, Cirrus and Maestro logo, use them. If you want to physically exchange some money you can do so at the Travelex office, banks, post offices and hotels.

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